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Business registers in EU countries


This section provides you with an overview of Slovenia's business register.

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What does the Slovenian Business Register (Poslovni register Slovenije) offer?

The Slovenian Business Register (PRS) is managed by the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services (Agencija Republike Slovenije za javnopravne evidence in storitve – AJPES).

The Slovenian Business Register is the central public database of information on all businesses with a registered office in Slovenia which are engaged in gainful or not-for-profit activities and information on subsidiaries and other divisions of those businesses. The register also contains information on the subsidiaries of foreign businesses performing activities in Slovenia. The register includes the following categories:

  • companies (partnerships and corporations)
  • sole traders
  • legal entities governed by public law
  • legal entities governed by private law
  • societies
  • natural persons performing registered or regulated activities
  • subsidiaries and other divisions of businesses
  • main offices of foreign businesses
  • other units.

A range of registration data is available for each entry in the Slovenian Business Register (identification number, company name, tax number, details on representatives and founders, etc.).

  • direct access to information via the ePRS application, and
  • provision of information for re-use.

What does it include?

ePRS application

The ePRS application allows users to access information on individual entries in the Slovenian business register for businesses engaged in economic activities within the Republic of Slovenia.

Is access to the Slovenian business register free of charge?

Access is free of charge, but users must log in to the portal (new users must register first).

How to search the Slovenian business register

Users must log in to the portal to be able to search the register. Data can be accessed by entering the search criteria in one or more fields, or by selecting the search criteria from the drop-down menu. The search criterion may be any of the following: data item, part of a data item (word), or beginning of a word. Searches are possible by identification number, tax number, company name, street name and number, municipality, etc.


Data are updated daily.

Provision of information for re-use:

AJPES provides the following services for the re-use of information from the business register:

  • daily, weekly or monthly delivery of data on all entries in long or short format,
  • monthly delivery of data on businesses listed in the court register (Sodni register) in long or short format,
  • monthly delivery of data on sole proprietors in long or short format,
  • delivery of data via an internet service in long, short or minimum format (see),
  • delivery of data based on a specific order in long or short format,
  • processing of collected data according to criteria set by the user (numerical data).

Every three months AJPES offers a free overview of the entire Slovenian business register in XML form with a set selection of information for re-use.


AJPES charges fees for the re-use of public information from the Slovenian business register, as laid down in the
Rates of fees for re-use of public information from the Slovenian business register (Tarifa nadomestil za ponovno uporabo informacij javnega značaja Poslovnega registra Slovenije) (link to database of Slovenian legislation).

How reliable are the documents included in the register?

Third parties can cite the information and all types of document mentioned in Article 2 of Directive 2009/101/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 September 2009 on coordination of safeguards which, for the protection of the interests of members and third parties, are required by Member States of companies within the meaning of the second paragraph of Article 48 of the Treaty, with a view to making such safeguards equivalent, on the basis of the following laws.

- The Companies Act (Zakon o gospodarskih družbah) (Uradni list RS (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia (UL RS), Nos 65/09 - official consolidated version, 33/11, 91/11, 32/12, 57/12, 44/13 - Const. Court dec. and 82/13; hereinafter: ZGD-1), which is the systemic act regulating the basic rules on the legal status of corporations for the establishment and operation of companies, sole traders, related persons, economic interest groupings and subsidiaries of foreign companies, and any changes to their legal status.

-The Court Register Act (Zakon o sodnem registru) (UL RS, Nos 54/07 - official consolidated version, 65/08, 49/09 and 82/13 - ZGD-1H, hereinafter: ZSReg), which regulates the court register, defines the information entered in the court register, the rules of procedure by which a competent court decides on entries in the court register, and the rules on how AJPES administers the court register. This law also regulates procedures that form part of the Vse na enem mestu (One-Stop Shop) system.

- The Slovenian Business Register Act (Zakon o Poslovnem registru Slovenije) (UL RS, Nos 49/06 and 33/07 - ZSReg-B, hereinafter: ZPRS-1), which regulates the keeping and maintenance of the Slovenian Business Register (PRS), defines business register entries, how they are identified and the mandatory use of that ID, the content of the business register and the acquisition of information to keep the register, and defines the procedure for making entries in the business register, the information added or defined by the register's administrator on making an entry, the use of business-register data and the storage of documentation.

Is access to the Slovenian Business Register free of charge?

Yes, access is free of charge. However, users must log in to the portal in order to access it.

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