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Land registers in EU countries


This section provides you with an overview of Poland's land register.

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What does the Polish land register offer?

The Polish land register (rejestr ksiąg wieczystych) is kept in accordance with the Land Registers and Mortgages Act.

Under the Act, land registers are kept with a view to establishing the legal status of real estate. They contain the following information:

  • designation of the estate (including the parcels making it up);
  • details of the owner(s) of the estate or the holder of perpetual usufruct;
  • information on other parties' rights in rem;
  • the type and amount of the mortgage charged against the estate.

Land registers are public documents and anyone may consult them. As of June 2010 a land register can be accessed electronically by entering its number.

In addition, anyone may obtain a copy of a land register or a certificate indicating that a land register has been closed.

Is access to the Polish land register free of charge?

There is no charge for consulting land registers.

A charge is made for issuing a copy of a land register or a certificate indicating that a land register has been closed.

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