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This section provides you with an overview of the Swedish land register, which has five integrated parts.

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What does the Swedish land register offer?

The land register, which consists of several different parts, is a national register used for several purposes. It provides information on:

  • real property and joint property units
  • administrative divisions
  • location addresses
  • geometric area of properties – cadastral maps
  • ownership
  • encumbrances and enrolments
  • mortgages
  • easements and usufructs
  • plans and land use regulations
  • ancient monuments
  • land parcelling measures etc.
  • leasehold rights
  • history
  • buildings
  • property tax information
  • etc.

The land register is managed by Lantmäteriet (the Swedish Land Survey)

Is access to the land register free of charge?

There is no charge for information supplied during personal visits or by phone. Information can also be requested under the principle of access to public documents. There is a charge for electronic access to the register, apart from the Min fastighet (My property) service, which is free.

How to search the land register

A number of electronic search services are directly available via the Land Survey's website or via Lantmäteriets återförsäljare (the Land Survey’s agents – listed on its website). Most services require prior subscription. Access is via online and direct services or by selection and processing. The Land Survey’s website also offers the service

  • My property: contains detailed information. The service is available only to the owner of the property.

History of the Swedish land register

Establishment of the electronic register started in the 1970s, and full information storage was completed in 1995. The technical environment and, to a certain extent, the content of the land register have gradually evolved, as have the means of accessing it. There are plans to introduce a brand new technological platform for the land register. This work has begun and will continue over the coming years.


Swedish Land Survey website (in English)

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