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Land registers in EU countries

Irlanda del Nord

This section provides you with an overview of the land register of Northern Ireland.

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Irlanda del Nord

What does the land register of Northern Ireland offer? provides content on the rules, regulations and guidance that govern the operation of the various registers.

The service provides:

  • Search facilities
  • Owner name and charges affecting property
  • A facility that allows you to download and print information held in the register.

Is access to the land register of Northern Ireland free of charge?

Yes, access to LandWeb is free of charge for authorised users. Users who wish to access search facilities must register for the service and are, in most instances, required to pay fees to access and download data.

How to search the land register of Northern Ireland

Search facilities include access to maps of title, title extent and title documentation. This database includes owner names and any charges affecting property. Full instructions are contained within the LandWeb Direct web pages.

E-registration facilities allow registered users to fill out various registration forms, calculate fees and submit information electronically. Full instructions are contained within the E-Registration pages.

History of the land register of Northern Ireland

The land registry came into existance in 1891, prior to that date ownership of land was recorded in the Registry of Deeds, which was established in 1706. Land and Protpery Services administers three registires: the land registry, deeds registry and statutory charge registry.

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