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On this page you will find an overview of the Irish register.

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Giving information to the Irish register?

The ownership and management of the Irish register are held by the Property Registration Authority of Ireland, the public body responsible for the registration of property in Ireland.

The Irish register contains both legal and factual information.

Each record is divided into three parts.

  1. Part 1 describes the geographic location of the property by means of a digital map and disposal (owned or leased);
  2. Volume 2 contains the names and addresses of registered owners and the nature of the title;
  3. Part 3 provides an overview of the legal expenses (mortgages, rights, etc.) on the property rest.

Is access to the register free of charge?

The Irish Land Registry is an "open" registry. There is no restriction on the use of the register and the Property Registration Authority (Department for the registration of immovable property - PRA) charges no subscription fee for access to the register.

However, a fee for actual use is charged. The rates are determined by law. The fee can be paid electronically or manually.

To take advantage of the subscription service from the Irish register the subscriber should have:

  • a prepaid account with sufficient credit,
  • a username and password,
  • a properly configured secure access.

Currently you can directly to the service of the Irish register subscribe via the Property Registration Authority or by a number of intermediary service providers from the private sector.

The Irish Land Registry currently has more than fourteen thousand subscribers and annually through the online service more than three million transactions.

How to perform searches in the land

The Irish Land Registry can be searched in several ways, notably through:

  • The official number of title;
  • the postal address of the property;
  • Navigation on the online map;
  • Selection of an area on the map;
  • introduction of map coordinates.

History of the Land Registry

The current Irish system for registration of immovable property was founded in 1892. It is an 'open' records with government guarantee that a gradual replacement of the dating from 1707 deeds registration system was achieved.


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