Bankruptcy and insolvency registers


Greece has had an electronic solvency register since 1 June 2021.

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What does the Greek insolvency register offer?

According to Greek legislation, insolvency procedures, in which the electronic solvency register is used, are:

  • bankruptcy (ptóchefsi) (Articles 75-211 of Law 4738/2020 — Book II)
  • small-scale bankruptcy (ptóchefsi mikroú antikeiménou) (Articles 172-188 of Law 4738/2020 — Book II, Part VI)
  • pre-bankruptcy resolution (proptocheftikí diadikasía exygíansis) (Articles 31-64 of Law 4738/2020 — Book I, Part II, Chapter II)

The local courts of first instance (protodikeía) are responsible for considering cases and issuing decisions on bankruptcy requests.

The local district civil courts (eirinodikeía) are responsible for declaring bankruptcy in small-scale bankruptcies.

The local courts of first instance are responsible for procedures in the context of pre-bankruptcy resolution.

All publications, disclosures or registrations of insolvency proceedings are made in the Electronic Solvency Register. If so provided, registrations are also entered in the General Trade Register (Genikó Emporikó Mitróo – GEMI).

Is access to the Greek insolvency register free of charge?

Yes, via the website:

How to search the Greek insolvency register

By searching here.

History of the Greek insolvency register

All publications from 1 June 2021 onwards are publicly available via the register on the above website.

Last update: 14/06/2024

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