Bankruptcy and insolvency registers


This page provides a short introduction to the Portuguese register of insolvencies.

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What does the register of insolvencies include?

The electronic register of insolvencies includes the following information:

  • Case number of the insolvency
  • Identification of the court where the insolvency case was or is being heard
  • Identification of the insolvent person
  • Identification of the administrator for the insolvency
  • Time limit for lodging claims
  • Date on which the insolvency was declared

The electronic register provides detailed information on insolvency cases (see below).

Is there a fee for consulting the Portuguese register of insolvencies?

No, consultation of the register of insolvencies is free.

Register of insolvencies legislation

The Portuguese register of insolvencies is regulated by Article 38 of the Código da Insolvência e da Recuperação de Empresas (Insolvency and Corporate Recovery Code), adopted by Decree-Law No 53/2004 of 18 March 2004, as amended.

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