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Bankruptcy and insolvency registers

Severna Irska

This page provides you with information about the insolvency registers of Northern Ireland.

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Severna Irska

What does the insolvency register of Northern Ireland offer?

In Northern Ireland, there are two separate registers, one for bankruptcy and one for other forms of personal insolvency proceedings. The Northern Ireland Court and Tribunals Service holds information on persons who have been declared bankrupt within the last 10 years. This information is held in an on-line database, which can be searched by the public on payment of a fee. More information on this on-line search facility for bankruptcy can be found on the website Northern Ireland Courts and Tribunals Service.

A link to the relevant search page for the Court Bankruptcy & Companies Register can be found here.

The Department for Economy, Insolvency Service maintains the register of,

  • individual voluntary arrangements,
  • bankruptcy restrictions orders and undertakings,
  • debt relief orders, and
  • debt relief restrictions orders and undertakings

You can search these registers free of charge on-line here.

Last update: 28/11/2019

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