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This page helps you to find a legal translator and interpreter in Germany.

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How to find a legal translator or interpreter in Germany

The standard German database of translators and interpreters lists the translators and interpreters that are officially sworn, certified and/or working in a public service capacity across the federal states (Länder) of Germany.

Each of the German Länder determines the criteria for translators and interpreters to be officially sworn, or certified, or work in a public service capacity, so there are specific requirements specific to each Land.

Is access to the German database of translators and interpreters free of charge?


How to search for a legal translator or interpreter in Germany

It is possible to search for specific interpreters and translators via one or more of the following search criteria: name, municipality, language. If you select a specific entry from the search results, further details (e.g. translator/interpreter’s working languages and contact details) will be displayed.

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