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This page briefly summarises information about the list of Slovak translators and interpreters.

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What information does the list of Slovak translators and interpreters include?

The list of experts, interpreters and translators kept by the Slovak Ministry of Justice (Ministerstvo spravodlivosti Slovenskej republiky) includes an interpreter section and a translator section, with the details of 1 341 translators and 1 240 interpreters who have been granted authorisation to carry out translation or interpretation activities under Act No 382/2004 on experts, interpreters and translators and amending certain other acts and who are or used to be entered on the list of experts, interpreters and translators.

The list of experts, interpreters and translators contains a separate section for interpreters and a separate section for translators. This database is available only in Slovak.

All interpreters and translators entered on the list of experts, interpreters and translators in the relevant section according to their languages are authorised to use the identifiers issued by the Slovak Ministry of Justice, namely the interpreter’s/translator’s identification card and the interpreter’s/translator’s official stamp.

Is access to the list of translators and interpreters free of charge?

Access to the list and searching for translators and interpreters is free of charge.

How can I find a translator or an interpreter in Slovakia?

Information on interpreters and translators can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic, in the Registers section, by selecting the Translators or Interpreters option.

The contact details of translators and interpreters (as well as other information where appropriate) can be searched on the website. Individual translators and interpreters can be searched for by their registration number, language, name and surname, municipality, district, region or any combination of these fields. When a particular person is selected from the search results, detailed information is displayed, such as their contact details, the scope of their authorisation to carry out interpretation or translation activities and the start date (and where appropriate, also the expiry date) of the authorisation, sanctions imposed during the last three years in relation to the performance of the activities; in the case of a ban the entry specifies the period during which the ban applies, information on temporary suspension of activities, including details of the legal basis, the start date of the temporary suspension and the end date of the suspension, information on interruption of activities, including the start date and the end date of the interruption, registration number and up-to-date information about insurance against civil liability.

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