EU training networks & structures

With the developments in European legislation and greater mobility of European citizens, a clear need has emerged in the past decade for continuous training for legal practitioners at European level. Such training is provided by several European structures established with the support of Member States, and a number of professional organisations, often with supported by European funding.

Training networks and structures at European level

Depending on their profession and particular needs, legal practitioners can apply to one or other of the structures briefly presented here. Also, many courses are offered by universities and private training providers.

For judges and prosecutors

The European Judicial Training Network (EJTN)

Founded in 2000, the EJTN develops training standards and curricula, coordinates judicial training exchanges and programmes and fosters cooperation between national training structures for judges and prosecutors. The EJTN secretariat-general is based in Brussels (Belgium). You can find a summary of EJTN activities here.

For all legal practitioners

The Academy of European Law (ERA)

ERA organises conferences, seminars, professional training courses and policy debates on different areas of EU law, designed for all legal practitioners. ERA is located in Trier (Germany). You can find a summary of its activities here.

The European Institute of Public Administration – European Centre for Judges and Lawyers (EIPA)

Training on European Union law is one of EIPA's areas of activity. Training is tailored for judges, legal practitioners, EU and national officials and private sector lawyers. EIPA has centres in Maastricht (Netherlands), Luxembourg, Barcelona (Spain) and Warsaw (Poland). You can find a summary of its activities here.

Professional organisations organising training activities at European level

The following organisations representing legal practitioners at European level organise training activities on an ad hoc basis.

Lawyers, barristers, solicitors

The Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe - CCBE


The Council of the Notariats of the European Union - CNUE

Judicial Officers

The International Union of Judicial Officers - UIHJ

EU-level judicial networks cooperating with the EJTN regarding European judicial training

The EJTN gathers all national judicial training bodies of the EU Member States and as such is the best placed body to coordinate and develop further judicial training. It cooperates with other EU-level judicial networks, whose respective objectives and training-related interests are presented in the following factsheets:

The report of the 2013-2014 project promoting the cooperation between the EJTN and the above-mentioned networks is available here.

Last update: 23/05/2023

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