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How are minor road traffic offences dealt with?

Minor road traffic offences related to speeding, parking etc. are treated as administrative offences. They are dealt with administratively.  Possible penalties may be either a fine or deprivation of the right to drive a motor vehicle for a fixed period of time. For graver offences, both penalties may be imposed.

Offences are detected and sanctioned by the traffic police. You can appeal against a statement of an administrative sanction applied to you before the respective district court within 7 days from the date on which the statement is delivered to you. You have the right to be defended by a lawyer. Fines of up to BGN 50 are not subject to appeal.

A district court may confirm or lift a sanction. You can appeal against a decision of a district court before the respective administrative court. Its decision is final. More about courts see on the Supreme Judicial Council website.

The same procedure applies to offences committed by nationals of other Member States.

Will these offences appear on my criminal record?

These offences will not appear on your criminal record.

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