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How are minor road traffic offences dealt with?

Traffic violations, such as exceeding the speed limit, driving whilst having consumed alcohol,  not wearing a seat belt, failure to observe a red traffic light or STOP sign, failure to comply with stopping or parking regulations, the use of a mobile phone while driving etc., are mostly dealt with administratively. They are generally dealt with by the competent police authority

What is the procedure?

You will be served with a ticket, confirming the violation you have committed. Noted on the ticket will be the administrative measure and/or financial penalty which has been imposed and you will then have to appear before the relevant police authority.

What are the possible penalties?

Those guilty of traffic violations are mostly punished with administrative fines (varying from 40 to 2,000 euro) and the imposition of other administrative measures like loss of driving licence or loss of circulation details, such as vehicle license and registration plates,  for a certain period of time.

Are nationals of other Member States proceeded against for infringements of this sort?

They are proceeded against if they have committed the infringement in Greece.

May I raise objections?

You may submit your objections to the administrative penalty within three days to the authority to which the officer who has imposed the penalty belongs. If your objections are not upheld you must pay the relevant sum to the appropriate body of the local authority.

In addition, if an administrative measure has been imposed, you may appear before the competent Police Authority and set out your objections.

Will these offences appear on my criminal record?

They will not be recorded on your criminal record since they are dealt with at an administrative level and it is only an administrative penalty which is imposed.

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