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Can I appeal against a sentence?

The trial before the court concludes with a court decision convicting or acquitting the defendant from the charges. If the defendant is found guilty the judge will sentence them. According to Maltese law only the defendant and the Attorney General have the right to appeal against the conviction/acquittal and/or the sentence before the Court of Criminal Appeal.

However, if an appeal has been submitted and you have been a civil party during the first trial, your lawyer will be allowed to examine all the relevant documents related to the appeal proceedings.

What rights do I have after the sentence?

After the sentence enters into force, you have the right to receive a copy of the court decision. If the court sentences the offender to imprisonment, you have the right to be informed when the offender is released or else if they escape.

Am I entitled to support or protection after the trial? For how long?

You have the right to support or protection after the criminal proceedings are over, during the trial and for an appropriate time.

What information can I be given if the offender is convicted?

You will be given a copy of the final sentence.

Will I be informed if the offender is released (including early or conditional release) or escapes from prison?

Yes, you will be informed when the offender is released or escapes.

Will I be involved in decisions regarding their release or their conditional release? For instance, can I make a statement or file an appeal?

You will not be involved in such decisions although you will be informed about them.

Last update: 09/06/2022

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