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Can I appeal against the ruling?

Yes. If you are an assistant or civil party, you can appeal against the ruling if you disagree with it. This appeal must be carried out through your lawyer.

The appeal must be submitted within 30 days, in writing, to the court where the trial took place. The appeal must contain the reasons why you do not agree with the ruling, the assessment of the evidence and/or the application of legal rules.

What are my rights after sentencing?

You have the right to be informed of the judgment and, as previously mentioned, depending on the role you played in the proceedings, to appeal it.

Am I entitled to support or protection after the trial? For how long?

The judgment may include, as an additional measure, the right to specific support or protection, such as restraining orders, the duration of which will be determined in the judgment itself.

What information will I be given if the offender is sentenced?

You will be informed of the judgment and consequently of the sentence imposed on the offender. Where the offender is sentenced to imprisonment, you will be informed of the prison where the sentence will be served.

Will I be told if the offender is released (including early or conditional release) or escapes from prison?

Yes. Provided you have stated your wish to be informed, you will be informed of the release or escape of the offender and, in particular in cases where the offender is considered especially dangerous, of information regarding their status, particularly when constraint measures are imposed.

Will I be involved in release or parole decisions? For example, can I make a statement or lodge an appeal?

You may submit an application to the court of enforcement (Tribunal de Execução de Penas), stating the reasons you deem appropriate.

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