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I am a victim of crime. Who do I contact for support and assistance?

Crime victims and their next of kin are aided by NGOs who receive subsidies for that purpose from the Victim Support and Post-Penitentiary Aid Fund. The subsidies are granted by the Minister for Justice.

Victims are informed that this aid is available before they make their first statement.

A list of all the organisations that have obtained subsidies for victims and their next of kin and information (in Polish) on what the aid covers can be found on the website of the Ministry of Justice, under Działalność/Pomoc pokrzywdzonym/Pomoc pokrzywdzonym przestępstwem oraz osobom im najbliższym – lista podmiotów i organizacji.

Victim support hotline

At present, there is no nationwide victim support hotline in Poland. However, there is a hotline for victims of domestic violence.

Is victim support free?

Victim support is offered free of charge.

What types of support can I receive from state services or authorities?

The authorities provide victims with information on the places where support is available.  Some categories of victim are entitled to free legal assistance in the light of their age and financial situation. Crime victims are entitled to medical assistance under the general rules.

What types of support can I receive from non-governmental organisations?

NGOs financed by the Victim Support and Post-Penitentiary Aid Fund offer victims legal, psychological and financial assistance, e.g. food vouchers or help with the cost of food and clothes, underwear, footwear, cleaning and personal hygiene products, temporary accommodation or shelter, education and training, measures to adapt a flat or house to crime victims' needs and travel expenses.

Another type of support is funding for the services of an interpreter, including a sign language interpreter.

Medical assistance includes covering the costs of health care, medicine and medical equipment necessary to treat the damage to health suffered as a result of the crime.

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