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The Court of Justice of the European Union ( is the ECLI coordinator for the Union jurisdictions.

Country code

The "country code" for the Court of Justice of the European Union to be used in the second element of the ECLI is: [EU]

Generation of ECLI

Components of the ECLI to identify decisions of the Court of Justice of the European Union:

  • ECLI abbreviation
  • Country code: EU
  • Court code:

C = Court of Justice

T = General Court

F = Civil Service Tribunal

  • Year when the decision was rendered (format YYYY)
  • Ordinal number composed of:

Serial number of the decision per jurisdiction per year


ECLI:EU:C:1998:27 is the 27th document of the Court of Justice with an ECLI in 1998

ECLI:EU:T:2012:426 is the 426th document of the General Court with an ECLI in 2012

ECLI:EU:F:2010:80 is the 80th document of the Civil Service Tribunal with an ECLI in 2010

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