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1 Is it possible to initiate court proceedings via the internet?

Yes.  It is possible to initiate certain proceedings i.e. those involving Small Claims via the Internet.

2 If so, for what types of cases is it available? Are any proceedings available exclusively via the internet?

Claimants pursuing a Small Claim (i.e. certain claims to a maximum value of €2,000) can opt to process their claim electronically. The Small Claims procedure is an alternative method of commencing and dealing with a civil proceeding in respect of a small claim. It is a service provided by District Court offices and is designed to handle consumer claims cheaply without involving a solicitor.

3 Is the facility available at all times (i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or just during specific hours? If so, what are those hours?

The facility is available at all times.

4 Should the details of the claim be provided in any particular format?

No.  The only provision is that details of the claim should not exceed 1,500 words.

5 How is transmission and storage of data secured?

The information is kept secure through the use of firewalls, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for communications, an Intrusion Detection System at the hosting site and user account security etc

6 Is it necessary to use any kind of electronic signature and/or time record?


7 Are court fees payable? If so, how can they be paid and are they different to those for non-electronic procedures?

Court Fees for a Small Claim are paid by credit or debit card and the fee (€25 in 2012) is the same for both electronic and non-electronic Small Claim proceedings.

8 Is it possible to withdraw a claim that has been initiated via the internet?

Yes. If the claim has not yet been listed for court, a claim may be withdrawn by emailing the Small Claims Registrar requesting withdrawal of the claim.

9 If the claimant initiates proceedings via the internet is it possible and/or compulsory for the defendant to respond using the internet as well?

Yes it is possible for the defendant to respond using the Internet.

10 In terms of the electronic procedure what happens if the defendant responds to the claim?

The Small Claims Registrar must use his or her best endeavours to settle the claim before it is listed for hearing before the Judge

11 In terms of the electronic procedure what happens if the defendant does not respond to a claim?

The claim is treated as undisputed and the claimant may apply for a judgment in default of appearance

12 Is it possible to submit documents to a court electronically and if so in what type of proceedings and under what conditions is it possible?

No. It is not possible to submit documents to a court electronically.

13 Can judicial documents, and particularly judgments, be served via the internet?


14 Can judicial decisions be given electronically?


15 Can an appeal be made and its decision served via the internet?


16 Is it possible to initiate enforcement proceedings via the internet?


17 Can the parties or their legal representatives consult on-line cases? If so, how this can be done?

Parties to a claim can track the status of their own claim on-line.

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