På det civilretlige område vil verserende sager og sager, der er indledt inden overgangsperiodens udløb, fortsætte i henhold til EU-retten. E-Justice-portalen vil – i overensstemmelse med en aftale med Det Forenede Kongerige – fortsat indeholde relevante informationer vedrørende Det Forenede Kongerige indtil udgangen af 2022

Access to justice in environmental matters

Det Forenede Kongerige

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Det Forenede Kongerige

The Isle of Man is a Crown Dependency and does not form part of the United Kingdom or of the European Union – Protocol 3 of the Accession Treaty 1972 applies to it. The Department of Environment Food and Agriculture is concerned with environmental matters. There is no specific legislation for EIA for projects on the Isle of Man but the Isle of Man Strategic Plan (Environment Policy 24) provides for EIA for development likely to have a significant effect on the environment. Judicial review of decisions on the environment can be done by a Petition of Doleance under the High Court Act 1991. There is no Freedom of Information Act for the Isle of Man. Access to environmental information can be obtained from the Isle of Man Government Laboratory. Statutory nuisances are provided for in Part 1 of the Public Health Act 1990. Individuals can bring an action against another person in common law for a nuisance, which can include an injunction.

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