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European cross-border procedures - Small claims

*mandatory input

Article 25 1 (a) Competent courts

  • Nicosia District Court

Address: Charalambou Mouskou, 1405 Nicosia, Cyprus

Telephone: (+357) 22865518

Fax: (+357) 22304212/22805330

E-mail address:

  • Limassol District Court

Address: Leoforos Lordou Byronos 8, P.O. Box 54619, 3726, Limassol, Cyprus

Telephone: (+357) 25806100/25806128

Fax: (+357) 25305311

E-mail address:

  • Larnaca District Court

Address: Leoforos Artemidos, 6301, Larnaca, P.O. Box 40107, Cyprus

Telephone: (+357) 24802721

Fax: Fax: (+357) 24802800

E-mail address:

  • Paphos District Court

Address: Corner of Neophytou & Nikou Nikolaidi, 8100, Paphos, P.O. Box 60007, Cyprus

Telephone: (+357) 26802601

Fax: (+357) 26306395

E-mail address:

  • Famagusta District Court

Address: Sotiras 2, Megaro Tzivani, 5286, Paralimni, Cyprus

Telephone: (+357) 23730950/23742075

Fax: (+357) 23741904

E-mail address:

Article 25 1 (b) Means of communication

The available means of communication accepted for the purposes of the European small claims procedure are: lodging an application in the register personally, or sending it by post or by any other means of communication, such as fax or e-mail.

Article 25 1 (c) Authorities or organisations providing practical assistance

The ‘πρωτοκολλητεία’ (registries) of the district courts

Article 25 1 (d) Means of electronic service and communication and methods for expressing consent for thereof

Documents are serviced by post or registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt including the date of receipt. If this form of service is not possible, service may be made by any of the methods set out in Articles 13 or 14 of Regulation (EC) No 805/2004.

Article 25 1(e) Persons or professions, obliged to accept service of documents or other written communications by electronic means

Not implemented

Article 25 1 (f) Court fees and the methods of payment

No court fees for completing the form are charged.

Article 25 1 (g) Appeal procedure and courts competent for an appeal

Decisions of the court of first instance in small claims cases may be appealed against before the Supreme Court. The appeal must be lodged within 14 days of issue of the decision at first instance.

Article 25 1 (h) Review of the judgment procedure and courts competent to conduct such a review

Not implemented

Article 25 1 (i) Accepted languages

The application, reply, any counterclaim and replies to counterclaims and any description of associated supporting documents must be in Greek.

Article 25 1 (j) Authorities competent for enforcement

District Courts

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