Divorce and legal separation


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Article 7 (2) to (4) - Formal requirements applicable to agreements on the choice of applicable law

Belgian legislation does not lay down any specific formal requirements for agreements on the choice of applicable law in accordance with Article 7(2) to (4) of Regulation (EU) No 1259/2010.

Article 5 (3) - Possibility of designating the applicable law during the course of the proceeding

With regard to the rules on the choice of applicable law, the third paragraph of Article 55, § 2, of the Belgian Code of Private International Law (Wetboek van internationaal privaatrecht/Code de droit international privé) provides that the choice must be expressed at the first appearance (Act on the Code of Private International Law of 16 July 2004, Belgisch Staatsblad/Moniteur belge of 27 July 2004, which entered into force on 1 October 2004).

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