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In mediation, parties resolve the conflict together, under the guidance of an independent mediator. It is mainly used in civil law and public law. There are many advantages to this type of extra-judicial dispute resolution: a dispute will often be resolved more quickly than it would be if it went to court, mediation also tends to be cheaper, and it helps to maintain the relationship between the parties because they voluntarily try to find a solution.

The Dutch Mediators’ Federation (Mediatorsfederatie Nederland)

There are various registers of mediators in the Netherlands. The Dutch Mediators’ Federation (MfN) manages the Register of Mediators (previously known as the NMI Register). The MfN is the federation representing the largest mediators’ associations in the Netherlands. The MfN register contains only mediators who satisfy carefully considered quality standards. The Dutch government uses the MfN’s standards as the basis for the register of mediators who work under the legal aid system (register of the Legal Aid Board). The MfN site also contains independent information about mediation and mediators in the Netherlands.

ADR International Register

There is also the ADR International Register, where you can search for mediators and find information about subjects relating to mediation.

Information about mediation

The Netherlands has also introduced an initiative called ‘Mediation naast rechtspraak’ (Mediation alongside judicial proceedings). This means that the district court or court of appeal hearing a case will alert the parties to the possibility of opting for mediation. The courts can also refer parties in family law cases to a parental examination procedure (ouderschapsonderzoek), which includes the use of mediation to find a possible solution to the problem.

Other bodies providing information about mediation include the Legal Help Desk (Het Juridisch Loket) and the Legal Aid Board (Raad voor Rechtsbijstand).

Under certain circumstances, the costs of the mediation may be refunded in whole or in part. Click here for further information about subsidised mediation.

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