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NB! Council Regulation (EC) No 1393/2007 has been replaced by Regulation (EU) 2020/1784 of the European Parliament and of the Council as of 1 July 2022.

Notifications made under the new Regulation can be found here!

Article 2(1) – Transmitting agencies

The transmitting agencies are: the local courts (okrajna sodišča), the district courts (okrožna sodišča), the Labour and Social Affairs Court (delovno in socialno sodišče), the Administrative Court (upravno sodišče), the higher courts (višja sodišča), the Supreme Court (Vrhovno sodišče), the Constitutional Court (Ustavno sodišče) and the State Attorney´s Office (Državno odvetništvo).

Article 2(2) – Receiving agencies

All district courts are receiving agencies.

Article 2(4)(d) – Languages that may be used for the completion of the standard form set out in Annex I

Slovenia will accept standard request forms completed in Slovenian or in English.

Article 3 – Central body

Ministrstvo za pravosodje (Ministry of Justice)

Župančičeva 3

SLO-1000 Ljubljana

Tel.: (+386)1369 53 42

Fax: (+386)1369 57 83


Article 4 – Transmission of documents

Slovenia will accept standard request forms completed in Slovenian or in English.

Articles 8(3) and 9(2) – Particular periods set by national law for serving documents

Under Slovenian legislation a document does not have to be served within a particular period.

Article 10 – Certificate of service and copy of the document served

Slovenia will accept certificates completed in Slovenian or in English.

Article 13 – Service by diplomatic or consular agents

  • Slovenia does not oppose the possibility of service through diplomatic or consular agents under the conditions laid down in Article 13(1).
  • Slovenia is opposed to the service of judicial documents on persons residing in Slovenia through diplomatic or consular agents of another Member State, except where the document is to be served on a national of the Member State in which the document originates.

Article 15 – Direct service

Direct service is not permitted under Slovenian legislation.

Article 19 – Defendant not entering an appearance

Notwithstanding Article 19(1) of the Regulation, a judge may give judgment even if no certificate of service or delivery has been received, provided that the conditions set out in Article 19(2) of the Regulation are fulfilled.

An application for relief may be submitted within one year of the date when the judgment was issued.

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