Brussels IIa Regulation - Matrimonial matters and matters of parental responsibility


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Article 67 (a)

The names, addresses and means of communication for the central authorities designated pursuant to Article 53:

Minister for Justice

The tasks of the Central Authority are carried out by the

Department of International Family Proceedings

Department for Family and Minor Affairs

Al. Ujazdowskie 11

00-950 Warsaw

tel. (+48)  22 23 90 470

fax. (+48) 22 89 70 321

Email: or

Article 67 (b)

Information on the languages accepted for communications to central authorities pursuant to Article 57(2): Polish, German, English.

Article 67 (c)

In the case of certificates concerning rights of access and the return of the child - Article 45(2): Polish.

Articles 21 and 29

The applications provided for by Articles 21 and 29 shall be submitted to the following courts:

in Poland: the County Court [Sąd Okręgowy]

Article 33

The applications provided for by Article 33 shall be submitted to the following courts:

in Poland, the Court of Appeal [Sąd Apelacyjny].

Article 34

The appeals provided for by Article 34 may be brought:

In Poland, an appeal on a point of law to the Supreme Court.


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