Initial training of prosecutors in the European Union


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General description

All new prosecutors must undergo compulsory basic training, which currently includes about 14 weeks of on-site training as well as some digital training. The basic training is divided into four modules that are completed over a period of about 2,5 years. Each study group has 30 participants. The Public Prosecutor's Office's Training Center is responsible for the compulsory basic training.

All new prosecutors have at least one supervisor at the local workplace who is responsible for introductory training during the first nine months. After that, the compulsory basic training begins.

Access to the initial training

All new prosecutors must undergo the compulsory basic training. However, a prosecutor needs to be permanently employed to start basic training. You become a permanent employee after 9-12 months. Regardless of background, such as a former lawyer or judge, all new prosecutors undergo the compulsory basic training.

Format and content of the initial training

The overall purpose of the basic training is that every prosecutor should feel safe and secure in independently fulfilling the prosecutor's task in all the types of cases that are normally handled by a prosecutor.

The aim of the basic training is that new prosecutors should acquire such knowledge and experience that entails the ability to handle all existing cases that do not require direct specialist competence. Furthermore, the basic training aims to give new prosecutors a knowledge-based basis for on-call duty.

The basic training is interspersed with practical operational work as a prosecutor at a local prosecutor's office. Thus, the basic training consists of work-integrated learning.

The basic training is divided into four modules. The prosecutor attends one module per semester. Between modules three and four, there is a break for one semester. Then a selection of the participants instead carry out the exchange AIAKOS.

Module 1 is 15 days, module 2 is 20 days, module 3 is 20 days and module 4 is 15 days.

Each module has four leaders (prosecutors) who plan and organize the course and takes care of the course participants. Most trainers are internal trainers, senior prosecutors within the Public Prosecutor's Office. There are also external trainers, such as police officers, judges, forensic scientists, psychologists and journalists.

The content of the basic training is very broad as the training extends over 14 weeks. There is no specific training in EU law. However, there is training in the European Convention on Human Rights.

Termination of the initial training and qualification process

There is no final exam. You are, and you work as, a prosecutor from day one of your employment. After about 2 years and 9 months you get a special title, and with it increased permissions and powers. At the end of module four, a ceremony will be held.

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