Initial training of lawyers in the European Union


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General description

Is initial training offered, if yes is it compulsory?

It is initial training for Trainees (to be prepared for written part of State Bar exam-civil and criminal law), which is not compulsory.

Does initial training differentiate between categories of trainees, e.g. for in-house lawyers and advocates?

The same training for all categories of Trainees.

Which entities are responsible for organising initial training?

It is organised by Bar Academy of Slovenian Bar Association.

What is the statutory basis for initial training?


Access to the initial training

Are there conditions for accessing the training?

Every trainee can access the initial training.

What is the main recruitment procedure? If it is competitive - who runs it?


Are there alternative access routes to the training?


Format and content of the initial training

What is the duration and time frames of the training?

1 day per week for 4 weeks  (approximately 20 hours total)

How is the training organised?

It is run centralised.

Who are the trainers?

The trainers are judges.

What is the content and objectives of the initial training?

Trainees are trained to pass the written State Bar exam (one judgement in civil law and one judgement in criminal law).

Who designs the initial training programmes?

Bar Academy together with trainers.

What methodology is used for the training?

Lectures and the obligation to write 3 test judgements in civil law and 3 test judgements in criminal law.

What practical elements of the training are applicable to the trainees?


How are trainees evaluated/assessed? How often and by whom?

Trainees are evaluated for every test judgement they write and they also have individual interviews with their Trainer.

Are there any training activities carried out in conjunction with other legal professionals? If yes: How does it work?


What are the specificities regarding EU law training, linguistic training and European components of initial training, for example participation in CCBE or ELF activities?

Trainee instruction includes EU law and Human rights with the initial training in civil and criminal law.

How many trainees are accepted for training? Are the numbers of trainees adjusted annually and by who?

There is no limit.

Termination of the initial training and qualification process

Does the initial training conclude with a final exam? How is it organised? Who is responsible for the exam?

There is no final exam.

Is there a further recruitment procedure to become a lawyer upon completion of the initial training?

Trainees have to pass the State Bar exam. After one year of practice in a law firm or by a lawyer the trainees have to pass the Bar exam (3 fields of questions: Lawyers Act, Lawyers Tariff and Code of Conduct).

Last update: 04/08/2023

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