Cross-border placement of a child including foster family

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1 Which authority is to be consulted and to give prior consent before the cross-border placement of a child within your territory?

In Finland, consent for the placement of a child under Article 82 of Regulation (EU) 2019/1111 is given by the wellbeing services county in which the child is to be placed. If no location is specified in the request, consent is given by the wellbeing services county determined in accordance with section 17 of the Child Welfare Act (417/2007) – in other words, the location of the municipality in which the child or the child’s parents most recently resided or stayed. If the child or child's parents have not resided or stayed in any municipality in Finland, decision-making power belongs to the City of Helsinki authorities.

2 Please describe shortly the procedure for consultation and the obtaining of consent (including required documents, deadlines, modalities of the procedure, and other relevant details) for cross-border placement of children within your territory.

The consent procedure is not subject to any specific rules. The information prescribed in Article 82(1) of the Regulation is essential so that the wellbeing services county can arrange the services and support the child needs and monitor the placement. The wellbeing services county registers children placed in its territory. A child placed in Finland has specific rights, such as the right to proper treatment and high-quality foster care.

3 Has your Member State decided that consent is not required for cross-border placements of children within your territory where the child is to be placed with certain categories of close relatives? If yes, what are the categories of close relatives?

In Finland, prior consent is required for all placements under Article 82 of the Regulation.

4 Does your Member State have in place any agreements or arrangements for simplifying the consultation procedure for obtaining consent for the cross-border placement of children?


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