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Article 14(2), first indent - Names and addresses of the competent receiving or transmitting authorities

The authority responsible for transmitting legal aid applications regarding proceedings in another Member State is the Austrian district court within whose area the applicant is resident. If the applicant has a legal representative, the district court within whose area the legal representative is resident is also competent.

The receiving agency for an application for legal aid transmitted from another Member State is the Austrian court before which the proceedings to which the application relates are or have been pending at first instance. If proceedings are not yet pending in Austria, the receiving agency is the district court within whose area the defendant is domiciled or habitually resident, or the Bezirksgericht Innere Stadt Wien (Vienna Inner City District Court).

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List of competent authorities

Article 14(2), third indent - Available methods of receiving applications

Available means of communication by which these authorities receive applications:

Post and fax.

Article 14(2), fourth indent - Languages that may be used for completion of the application

Languages in which the application may be completed:

German and English.

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