Legal aid


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Article 14(2), first indent - Names and addresses of the competent receiving or transmitting authorities

Ministère de la Justice

Administrative Address: 13, rue Erasme; L-1468 Luxembourg-Kirchberg

Article 14(2), second indent - Receiving and transmitting authorities' geographical areas of jurisdiction


Article 14(2), third indent - Available methods of receiving applications

Legal aid applications are received by post at the Ministry of Justice, L-2934 Luxembourg. In urgent cases requiring accelerated processing, applications may be sent by fax to the following numbers:

  • (352) 22 52 96 or
  • (352) 26 68 48 61

After sending an application by fax, the original application must be forwarded by post as soon as possible.

Article 14(2), fourth indent - Languages that may be used for completion of the application

Applications for legal aid made in Luxembourg are to be completed in one of the official administrative languages listed below:

  • Luxembourgish
  • French
  • German
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