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Article 14(2), first indent - Names and addresses of the competent receiving or transmitting authorities

The transferring authorities are regional courts (sądy okręgowe).

Receiving authorities:

Ministry of Justice
Department of International Cooperation and Human Rights

Al. Ujazdowskie 11

00-950 Warsaw

Tel./Fax: +48 22 23-90-870 +48 22 628 09 49


District courts (sądy rejonowe) and regional courts are also receiving authorities.

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Article 14(2), second indent - Receiving and transmitting authorities' geographical areas of jurisdiction

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Territorial jurisdiction of the transferring authorities:

Legal aid applications which are to be transferred to another Member State must be filed with the regional court with jurisdiction over the applicant’s domicile or habitual residence.

Territorial jurisdiction of the receiving authorities:

Under Article 8(1) of the Act of 17 December 2004 on the right to legal aid in civil proceedings in Member States of the European Union (Journal of Laws 2005 No 10, item 67), legal aid applications may be filed directly with the court competent to examine the application (that is, the court before which the declaratory proceedings are ongoing or are to be opened), or, if the application is for legal aid in enforcement proceedings, with the district court with jurisdiction over the place of enforcement.

For all legal aid applications submitted to Polish courts by applicants with domicile or habitual residence in other EU Member States, the receiving authority with territorial jurisdiction is the Ministry of Justice.

Article 14(2), third indent - Available methods of receiving applications

Methods of receiving applications.

Applications may be filed directly with the transferring authority or by post.

Applications may be filed directly with the receiving authority or by post.

Article 14(2), fourth indent - Languages that may be used for completion of the application

Languages that may be used for completing the application

Transferring authorities: The application must be drafted in Polish and in an official language of the Community institutions accepted by the EU Member State to which the application is to be transferred.

Receiving authorities: The application must be drafted in Polish or in English.

Official languages of the Community institutions, other than Polish, which are accepted by Polish receiving authorities: English.

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