Judgments in civil and commercial matters - Brussels I Regulation


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Annex I - The rules of jurisdiction referred to in Article 3(2) and Article 4(2)

- in the Czech Republic: § 86 of Act No 99/1963, the Code of Civil Procedure (občanský soudní řád), as amended.

Annex II - The courts or competent authorities to which the application referred to in Article 39 may be submitted

- in the Czech Republic, the district courts (okresní soudy).

Annex III - The courts with which appeals referred to in Article 43(2) may be lodged

- in the Czech Republic, the district courts (okresní soudy).

Annex IV- The appeals which may be lodged pursuant to Article 44

- in the Czech Republic, appellate review (dovolání), action in annulment (žaloba pro zmatečnost), and action to re-open proceedings (žaloba na obnovu řízení)

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