Initial training of judges and prosecutors in the European Union



The Judicial Training Center (JTC), which is a national training institution, provides professional trainings for judges, prosecutors, and state attorneys. Trainings are provided regularly as in-service training. Regular in-service trainings are also available to legal advisors at the courts or state prosecutor`s offices (who are in position to become judges or public prosecutors).

Trainings provided by the JCT are not mandatory. The only compulsory training for judges and prosecutors provided by the JTC is the 4-day training for newly appointed court presidents and heads of state prosecutors’ offices.

Initial training, meaning the post-university training phase for future judges and/or prosecutors, is organised by JTC as the training for all graduates of law who wish to sit for a state legal examination. A state legal examination is required for the majority of legal professions, not only for judges and prosecutors, but also for attorneys and notaries.

Last update: 09/06/2023

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