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1 Existence of a specific small claims procedure

Is there a Small Claims Procedure in Greece (i.e. a specific procedure which is simplified procedurally with respect to the ordinary procedure and which applies in cases below a certain monetary threshold or in certain types of litigation regardless of a monetary threshold)?

Articles 466-469 of Chapter M of the Code of Civil Procedure contains special provisions for small claims.

1.1 Scope of procedure, threshold

The special provisions for small claims apply: 1) Where the subject matter of the dispute falls within the jurisdiction of the small claims court and concerns claims, rights over movable property or its title, and its value is not greater than EUR 5 000, and 2) Where the value of the subject matter of the dispute is greater than EUR 5 000, if the complainant states that they agree to accept a sum of no more than EUR 5 000 in satisfaction of their claim in lieu of the claim made in their complaint. In this case, the defendant shall be ordered either to pay the claim made or the value thereof in the judgment passed by the small claims court.’

1.2 Application of procedure

The procedure is obligatory.

The court or the opposing parties may not use the normal procedure for small claims instead of the special small claims procedure.

1.3 Forms

A Presidential Decree on the activation of standard documents for small claims (ongoing) is pending.

1.4 Assistance

Is there assistance in procedural issues (e.g. by the court clerk or judge) for litigants not represented by a lawyer? If so, to what extent?

The party may appear before the court alone or represented by a lawyer.

1.5 Rules concerning the taking of evidence

Are there certain rules concerning the taking of evidence and are they simplified compared with the ordinary procedure? If so, which rules and to what extent?

The magistrate ruling in the special small claims procedure may deviate from the procedural rules and also take into account evidence which does not meet the legal conditions.

1.6 Written procedure

The claim must be filed with the registry of the small claims court. The claim shall include a) a clear statement of the facts which substantiate the claim in accordance with the law and justify the complaint being filed by the complainant against the defendant, b) a precise description of the matter in dispute, and c) a specific request.

1.7 Content of judgment


1.8 Reimbursement of costs

Costs are not reimbursed.

1.9 Possibility to appeal

Small claims decisions cannot be appealed.

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