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European Judicial Network
European Judicial Network (in civil and commercial matters)

In France, judges, lawyers (avocats), notaries and court bailiffs (huissiers de justice) are part of the European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters. The network is however open to all legal professions which have an interest in it, in particular when they participate in the implementation of European Union law as regards civil and commercial matters (clerks of court (greffiers), chief clerks, judges and clerks of commercial courts).

The national point of contact is a judge, who has experience in court and works in the Department of Civil Affairs of the Ministry of Justice. He/she is part of the office of European law, private international law and civil legal assistance, which is also the central authority for the application of numerous international cooperation agreements as regards civil and commercial matters.

In each Court of Appeal and within the Court of Cassation, a ‘reporting judge’ (or ‘local point of contact’) is designated. His/her role is to facilitate, locally, the resolution of cooperation difficulties that are raised through the network and to provide information to the judiciary about the operation of tools for civil judicial cooperation and generally about EU law. The reporting judges in the Courts of Appeal and the Court of Cassation can also inform the national point of contact about difficulties in the application of European legislation. The national point of contact then passes the information on.

Court bailiffs (huissiers de justice) are represented by the National Chamber of Judicial Officers.

Lawyers (avocats) are represented by the Delegation of the Bar Associations of France (Brussels delegation of the National Council of Bar Associations).

Notaries (notaires) are represented by the National Chamber of Notaries.

French liaison judges working in European Union countries are also part of the network, as are the central authorities designated for the application of civil and commercial cooperation agreements.

Once a year, on a date close to the European Day of Justice, all the members of the French network meet in Paris to review the activities of the network and to discuss developments in EU law and its implementation as regards civil and commercial matters.

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