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European Judicial Network (in civil and commercial matters)

The Department of Private International Law of the Ministry of Justice (Igazságügyi Minisztérium Nemzetközi Magánjogi Főosztálya) acts as the contact point in Hungary, with several officials within the department performing the corresponding tasks among their other duties.

As central authorities, the Ministry of Justice (Department of Private International Law) and the Ministry of Human Resources (Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma) are members of the Network. The National Judicial Office (Országos Bírósági Hivatal) as other judicial body, the Hungarian National Chamber of Notaries (Magyar Országos Közjegyzői Kamara), the Hungarian Bar Association (Magyar Ügyvédi Kamara) and the Hungarian Court Bailiffs' Chamber (Magyar Bírósági Végrehajtói Kamara), as professional associations, are also members of the Network. The representatives of the members regularly attend the meetings of the Network, depending naturally on the agenda of the meetings.

Hungary does not have a formal national network of the Hungarian members of the Network. Cooperation between members takes place on an ad hoc basis as and when necessary.

Resources containing practical information on civil judicial cooperation within the EU and with third States, compiled by the Department of Private International Law of the Ministry of Justice, are available here.

Last update: 28/07/2017

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