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European Judicial Network (in civil and commercial matters)

The contact person for the European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters is the lawyer in the International Law Group of the Ministry of Justice, who also performs the functions of the central or competent authority provided for in EU instruments in the area of judicial cooperation in civil matters. Apart from these functions, the contact person also performs functions relating to judicial cooperation in criminal matters, as set out in both EU instruments and international multilateral and bilateral treaties, and also takes part in the activities of the Council of the European Union and European Commission working groups dealing with civil matters.

No formal national judicial structure bringing together the national Network members has been established in Lithuania. Cooperation and communication on Network-related matters is usually conducted on an ad hoc basis by e-mail.

Information provided by the European Commission about Network meetings and other matters relating to the Network’s activities is received by the Network contact person appointed within the Ministry of Justice, who then forwards this information to the competent national authorities or courts (via the National Courts Administration) depending on the issue or subject matter of the meeting. This ensures that information and questions concerning the Network reach the appropriate body.

Where necessary, the contact person and representatives of the national competent authorities and courts remain in contact with each other and deal with problems not only by e-mail but also by telephone. The contact person will either personally reply to enquiries submitted by contact persons in other countries or will immediately forward them to the competent authority so that it can send a reply; the contact person also coordinates the sending of a reply to the colleague who submitted the enquiry. The contact person also assists the courts in answering practical questions relating to cooperation with other Member States which arise in the course of their activities and directs court representatives or applicants to the relevant section of the e‑Justice portal to search for relevant information.

In Lithuania, the Network members and/or central authorities responsible for performing the functions set out in the Regulation are the Ministry of Justice (and its respective internal departments), the liaison magistrates, the National Courts Administration, the State-guaranteed Legal Aid Service, the State Child Rights Protection and Adoption Service, the Lithuanian Chamber of Bailiffs, the Lithuanian Chamber of Notaries, and the Mažeikiai branch of the State Social Insurance Fund Board.

Last update: 17/12/2019

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