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About the network

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European Judicial Network
European Judicial Network (in civil and commercial matters)
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The network comprises:

  1. The main contact points, being two representatives of the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic (Ministerstvo spravodlivosti Slovenskej republiky) from the Private International Law Department (Odbor medzinárodného práva súkromného) of the International Law Section (Sekcia medzinárodného práva). All EJN requests are sent via the main contact points.
  2. Court contact points: one judge or senior judicial officer for each district court (okresný súd) and regional court (krajský súd) and for the Supreme Court (Najvyšší súd).
  3. Contact points from professional organisations.
  4. Two contact points from the Centre for International Legal Protection of Children and Youth (Centrum pre medzinárodnoprávnu ochranu detí a mládeže).
  5. A family law liaison magistrate.
Last update: 03/01/2022

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