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European Judicial Network (in civil and commercial matters)

The European Judicial Network in Civil and Commercial Matters (EJN) operates in Slovenia through 3 contact points and 16 network members.

The contact points are employees at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia. This way, the work of the contact points can be harmonised and coordinated daily.

District courts, of which there are 11 in the Republic of Slovenia, are authorised to provide international legal help in civil and commercial matters. In light of this, Slovenia, in accordance with Article 2(1)(d) of the Council Decision of 28 May 2001 establishing a European Judicial Network in Civil and Commercial Matters, appointed one representative from every district court as a member of the EJN. Additionally, Slovenia appointed two specialised network members (judges) who are competent for matters of judicial cooperation in family matters, with one judge being employed at the district court and the other at the Ministry of Justice.

The amendment of the Council Decision on establishing the EJN in 2009 made cooperation with other judicial professions possible within the EJN. Since 2011 the Chamber of Notaries of Slovenia (Notarska zbornica Republike Slovenije), the Bar Association of Slovenia (Odvetniška zbornica Republike Slovenije) and the Chamber of Execution Officers of Slovenia (Zbornica izvršiteljev Slovenije) have also been members of the network.

The involvement of judges and other legal professions in the EJN is important for attaining the EJN's objectives, as it ensures direct cooperation between judges and other legal professions, which is important for smoother resolution of specific cases before the courts.

The contact points and the EJN members communicate with each other frequently and when the need arises, including through email, by phone and in person, and meet at annual meetings at national level.

Last update: 15/09/2016

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