About the network

Vsebino zagotavlja
European Judicial Network
Evropska pravosodna mreža (v civilnih in gospodarskih zadevah)

In the Republic of Croatia, 2 contact points operate under the European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters.

The contact points are employees in the Directorate for European Affairs, International and Judicial Cooperation and Anti-Corruption, and the Department for International Legal Assistance and Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters of the Ministry of Justice and Administration of the Republic of Croatia.

The contact points in the above Department have several officers who help them so that the work under the European Judicial Network in civil and commercial matters (EJN) is actually carried out through team work within the Department for International Legal Assistance and Judicial Cooperation in Civil Matters, which they carry out alongside other work within the Department.

Although Croatia does not have a formal national network, the contact points cooperate with judges and other experts under the Ministry of Justice and other competent authorities, professors of law, notaries and other experts and practitioners in different legal areas. The Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy is also involved in the operation of the network and as a central authority for some regulations it actively participates in the meetings of the network organised by the European Commission. The network is open to all legal professionals who wish to and are interested in participating in the application of European legal instruments in Croatia.

Communication within Croatia is conducted by email and telephone, and meetings are held as appropriate.

Communication with contact points in other Member States is carried out by email, and the contact points and other members of the network regularly participate in the meetings of EJN which are organised by the European Commission.

Since the Ministry of Justice and Administration is the central authority for individual regulations, the contact points carry out operations of the central authority, make enquiries and answer the enquiries of contact points from other Member States (in cooperation with judges and other practitioners and experts as appropriate), deliver the requested data to the Commission and undertake operations necessary to publish information on relevant portals of the European Commission. The contact points distribute the publications of the European Commission to courts, members of the public and other target groups, and work to increase the visibility of the network.

Contact: EJNcontact@mpu.hr

Last update: 11/10/2023

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