Compensation to crime victims


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Compensation to crime victims

*mandatory input

Languages for the transmission of applications

Swedish or English.

Application forms for compensation

Forms in Swedish:

Ansökan om brottsskadeersättning [application for compensation for criminal injuries] (requires identification using the Swedish Mobile BankID)

Ansökan om brottsskadeersättning för personskada och kränkning [application for criminal injuries compensation for personal injury and violation of personal integrity] (pdf)

Ansökan om brottsskadeersättning till ett barn som har bevittnat brott ( [application for criminal injuries compensation for a child who has witnessed a crime] (the Swedish Crime Victim Authority (, pdf)

Ansökan om brottsskadeersättning för sak- eller ren förmögenhetsskada [application for criminal injuries compensation for material or purely financial damage] (pdf)

Form in English:

Application for criminal injuries compensation for personal injury and violation of personal integrity (pdf)

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