Judicial auctions


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1. Advertising and pricing of sale of seized goods

Auction notices are published on the official notice board of the bailiff or by the municipal authority in the manner usually employed there. They are also published on the Auctions Portal (Portál dražeb) and in the Central Register of Enforcements (Centrální evidence exekucí).

In the case of real estate auctions, the bailiff appoints an expert to ascertain the normal value of the property, including any fixtures and fittings and individual rights and defects associated with the property. On the basis of the expert’s report, the bailiff determines the value of the property. This value serves as the basis for the reserve price, which is two-thirds of the resulting price for the first auction.

For movable property the value is determined in accordance with the Prices Act No 526/1990 or on the basis of an estimate by the enforcement agent/bailiff. If that person’s knowledge and experience are insufficient, an expert is appointed to draw up a valuation. The reserve price is one-third of the resulting price.

2. Third parties who may conduct sale proceedings

There are two forms of enforcement in the Czech Republic.

  • Enforcement

3. Types of auction to which some rules may not fully apply

All judicial auctions are governed by the relevant provisions of Act No 99/1963 (the Code of Civil Procedure), Act No 120/2001 (the Enforcement Code) and Implementing Decree No 418/2001 on procedures for carrying out enforcement and other activities.

4. Information on the national property registry

Assets are recorded in the following public registers:

  • Immovable property: Land Register (katastr nemovitostí)
  • Movable property: Vehicle Register (registr vozidel), Register of Vessels (plavební rejstřík) and the Register of Aircraft (letecký rejstřík)
  • Securities: Central Securities Depositary (Centrální depozitář cenných papírů)

5. Information regarding databases for creditors to identify goods and debtor claims

A list of debtors is kept in the Central Register of Debtors of the Czech Republic (Centrální registr dlužníků České republiky), which can be consulted by creditors and debtors. Consultation requires registration, which is free of charge.

6. Other information regarding online judicial sales

The place where the auction is to be held, which can also be online, must always be specified in the auction notice. However, the State does not operate any official domain for holding auctions. Unofficial portals include https://www.exdrazby.cz, http://www.okdrazby.cz and http://www.drazby-exekutori.cz. To take part in an auction, participants must authenticate themselves and pay a deposit.

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