If my claim (from another country) is to be considered in this country


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Which authority decides on a claim for compensation in cross-border cases?

The Claims Officer
Admiralty House, 53
South Street

Can I send my claim directly to the deciding authority in this country even in cross-border cases (without having to go via the assisting authority in my home country)?

You cannot send your claim directly to the Claims Officer.

In which language(s) do the compensation authorities(s) accept the:

  • claim: English or Maltese
  • supporting documents: English or Maltese

If the compensation authority translates the claim/supporting documents from another EU country, who pays for this?

The Compensation Authority.

Are there administrative or other charges to be paid in this country for processing my claim (received from another EU country)? If so, how can I pay these?

There are no charges.

If I need to be present during the procedure and/or when my claim is being decided upon, can I be reimbursed for my travelling costs? How can I claim them? Who do I have to contact?

Not applicable.

Is an interpreter provided, in case I have to be personally present?

Not applicable.

Will medical certificates, given by doctors in my country of residence, be accepted or recognised – or will my health/injury have to be examined by your own medical experts?

They are accepted at the discretion of the Claims Officer, who can also decide to engage local medical experts.

Will I be reimbursed for my travelling costs, if I have to undergo a medical examination in this country?

Yes the costs would be reimbursed.

How long does it take approximately to get a decision on compensation from the authority/body ?

Not more than a month from when all required documentation and evidence is provided by the claimant.

In which language will I receive the decision on my claim?

You would receive your decision in English.

If I am not satisfied with the decision, how can I challenge it?

The decision is final.

Can I get legal aid (help from a lawyer) under the other country’s rules?


Are there any victim support organisations in this country that can help me claim compensation in a cross-border case?

Victim Support Agency Malta which is a Government Agency.

Victim Support Malta – an NGO

Legal Aid Malta

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