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Which authority decides on a claim for compensation in cross-border cases?

State Treasury

P.O. Box 50

FI-00054 State Treasury, Finland

E-mail: rikosvahingot@valtiokonttori.fi


Can I send my claim directly to the deciding authority in this country even in cross-border cases (without having to go via the assisting authority in my home country)?

You may send your claim directly to the State Treasury (Valtiokonttori). Please note, however, the restrictions on the language of the documents as explained below.

In which language(s) do the compensation authorities accept the claim?

And the supporting documents?

The claim must be prepared in Finnish, Swedish or English. The supporting documents should also be in one of these languages.

If the compensation authority translates the claim/supporting documents from another EU country, who pays for this?

The State Treasury will not accept a claim for processing if it is not prepared in one of the languages mentioned above. If you need help with translating the documents, you can contact the assisting authority in the country where you live.

Are there administrative or other charges to be paid in this country for processing my claim (received from another EU country)? If so, how can I pay these?

You will not be charged any administrative costs for processing your application.

If I need to be present during the procedure and/or when my claim is being decided upon, can I be reimbursed for my travelling costs? How can I claim them? Who do I have to contact?

The case will be processed by the State Treasury in writing. You will not be asked to appear in person during any stage of the process.

Is an interpreter provided, in case I have to be personally present?

Please see the preceding answer.

Will medical certificates, given by doctors in my country of residence, be accepted or recognised - or will my health/injury have to be examined by your own medical experts?

A medical certificate issued by a doctor in your country of residence will be accepted as evidence of the injury sustained.

Will I be reimbursed for my travelling costs, if I have to undergo a medical examination in this country?

Please see the preceding answer.

How long does it take approximately to get a decision on compensation from the authority/body?

You will receive a decision on average 6-8 months after the State Treasury receives your claim.

In which language will I receive the decision on my claim?

The State Treasury only issues decisions in Finnish and Swedish. If you made your claim in English, you will receive an English summary of the decision's contents together with the decision.

If I am not satisfied with the decision, how can I challenge it?

You can appeal in writing to the Insurance Court (Vakuutusoikeus) against a compensation decision that you have received, within 30 days of the date when you were made aware of the decision. Guidelines on how to appeal are enclosed with the State Treasury's compensation decision.

Can I get legal aid (help from a lawyer) under the other country's rules?

The State Treasury can give you advice about things relating to claiming compensation. If you make use of help from an external lawyer in preparing your claim, the costs arising from this may only be compensated for if you have been granted legal aid or assigned a legal adviser for hearing of the case by a court. The costs of preparing a claim may also be compensated for when the case is not heard by a court, if you satisfy the financial conditions laid down for obtaining legal aid.

Are there any victim support organisations in this country that can help me claim compensation?

You can get help with making a claim from Victim Support Finland (Rikosuhripäivystys) (RIKU). You can find this organisation's contact details on its website at https://www.riku.fi/en/home/.

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