Cooperation with non-EU countries and judicial networks

Apart from its close relations with the EU candidate and associated countries, the European Judicial Network has also established relations with other judicial networks and several non-EU countries across the world.

Through the section Cooperation with 3rd countries and judicial networks on the EJN website, the EJN Contact Points have online access to the contact details of the members of these judicial networks and to contact points in the non-EU countries. Therefore the EJN Contact Points are able to assist national authorities also when there is a need for cooperation beyond the EU.

Legal framework

Judicial cooperation in criminal matters between EU and non-EU countries is governed by international treaties and agreements, either bilateral or multilateral.

Multilateral instruments include those adopted under the Council of Europe and the UN, as well as agreements between the EU and individual countries. You can find these documents in the Judicial Library.

Last update: 17/11/2021

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