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Czech Republic

On which website(s) are official announcements published?

The InfoDeska (InfoBoard) application is the electronic notice board of the Ministry of Justice.

Which types of announcements are published?

Important announcements relating to court proceedings.

From which organisation(s) are announcements published?

The Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic, courts, Public Prosecutor’s offices.

Is access to official announcements free of charge?


What types of searches can be made?

The basis search is by the organisation that has issued the document (Ministry of Justice, courts, Public Prosecutor’s offices).
On the notice board of a particular court it is then possible to search by subject matter, publication date, file reference.

As of which date are official announcements available in electronic format?

The InfoDeska application contains documents published after 1 January 2009.

Can searches be saved and notifications sent when criteria are met?

Yes, in Moje InfoDeska (My InfoBoard) it is possible to subscribe to e-mail alerts for new documents.

Are official announcements freely available as open data? If so, where can the repository and/or technical information be found?

Official announcements are not freely available as open data.

Last update: 09/11/2020

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