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Publication of official announcements


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On which website(s) are official announcements published?

Official announcements are published on You can find old announcements here.

Which types of announcements are published?

All announcements that appear in the Netherlands’ seven official journals are published on the above websites. New or amending legislation is published in the Staatsblad (Bulletin of Acts and Decrees). The Staatscourant (Government Gazette) is used to publish regulations, as well as announcements by government organisations if their inclusion in this publication is legally required. Treaties and other international agreements to which the Netherlands is a party are published in the Tractatenblad (Treaty Series), while the Provinciaal blad (Provincial Gazette), Gemeenteblad (Municipal Gazette) and Waterschapsblad (Water Authority Gazette) are used to publish regulations of and announcements by provincial, municipal and water authorities respectively. The Blad gemeenschappelijke regelingen (Joint Local Authority Arrangements Gazette) is used to publish regulations of and announcements by partnerships between different public authorities.

From which organisation(s) are announcements published?

All organisations that are legally required to publish their announcements.

Is access to the official announcements free of charge?

Yes, access to the official announcements is free of charge.

What types of searches can be made?

The current day’s announcements can be viewed at Here you can only filter your search by publication name.

At you can search for words in the title or text and filter your search by publication date, publication name, publishing organisation and subject (for which there is a fixed list of options).

As of which date were the official announcements available in electronic format?


Can searches be saved and notifications sent when criteria are met?

Anyone can register for a notification service free of charge. Two types of service are available:

  • The standard notification service allows users to save a search request. They are then sent an email containing a hyperlink to every new document that meets the search criteria.
  • There is also a service called ‘Berichten over uw buurt’ (‘Notices about your neighbourhood’), which enables citizens to receive a daily email containing an overview of all notices published by regional and local authorities that are relevant to their own neighbourhood. They can define their ‘own neighbourhood’ by entering their postcode and a radius (in hundreds of metres).

Are the official announcements freely available as open data? If so, where can the repository and/or technical information be found?

The official announcements are freely available as open data via an SRU interface (SRU = Search/Retrieve via URL).

The guide (and address) for this web service can be found at (in Dutch only).

Last update: 27/03/2023

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