Judicial library

The Judicial Library of the European Judicial Network (in criminal matters) is designed to provide legal practitioners with all available documents related to the EU legal instruments relevant for the area of judicial cooperation in criminal matters. The Judicial library contains also relevant documents of other institutions (CoE, UN).

The Judicial Library also includes the Status of Implementation of the different applicable legal instruments for judicial cooperation in criminal matters. This section provides not only the state of play for the different Member States but also, where available, information on the date of entry into force, national legislation, links to the official notifications and additional information.

The Judicial Library includes:

  • Judicial Cooperation Legal Instruments adopted by the European Union
  • Legal Instruments for Specific Areas of Crime  adopted by the European Union
  • Procedural Law Instruments adopted by the European Union
  • EU Treaties with Third Countries in the area of judicial cooperation in criminal matters

Within these categories, the following information is found:

  • Legal instruments texts
  • Status of Implementation
  • Word forms of the different mutual recognition instruments
  • Editable PDF forms
  • Reports (from different sources)
  • Practical Information
  • Handbooks
  • European Case-law
  • National Legislation

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Last update: 17/11/2021

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