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Article 24(1)(a) - languages accepted by the Member State for the public documents to be presented to its authorities pursuant to point (a) of Article 6(1)

Finnish and Swedish.

Article 24(1)(b) – an indicative list of public documents falling within the scope of this Regulation

Public documents falling within the scope of the Regulation include extracts from the Population Information System, civil status documents issued by parishes, extracts from the criminal register indicating the absence of a criminal record, and in some circumstances also court verdicts.

Article 24(1)(c) – the list of public documents to which multilingual standard forms may be attached as a suitable translation aid

Finland has introduced all the multilingual standard forms except Annex VIII (capacity to enter into a registered partnership). With the exception of Annex XI (absence of a criminal record), they all include country-specific entry headings.

Extracts from the Population Information System may be attached to the standard form with details on births, persons living, deceased, marriage, registered partnerships, and domicile and residence. A certificate of the right under Finnish law to enter marriage before a foreign authority may also be attached to the standard form. An extract from the criminal register indicating the absence of a criminal record may also be attached.

Article 24(1)(d) – the lists of persons qualified, in accordance with national law, to carry out certified translations, where such lists exist

Finland has a system of authorised translators, which is administered by a board of examiners working in cooperation with the Finnish National Agency for Education. The board of examiners keeps a database of authorised translators:

Article 24(1)(e) – an indicative list of types of authorities empowered by national law to make certified copies

Certified copies are made by notaries public. Officials at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency are notaries public. In Åland, notaries public work under the State Department of Åland.

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency can be contacted as follows:

English-language website:

Finnish-language website:

The State Department of Åland can be contacted as follows:

In addition, Finnish representations abroad carry out certain notary public functions, and also issue certified copies.

Article 24(1)(f) – information relating to the means by which certified translations and certified copies can be identified

A certified copy will have the signature of the authorised translator. The translator may be checked using the register of authorised translators referred to above.

Certified copies made by a notary public working at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency can be identified by the round stamp with the lion emblem in the middle. They also have the signature and name of the notary public.

Article 24(1)(g) – information about the specific features of certified copies

See above.

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