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1. Describe the existing judicial mechanisms (civil, criminal and administrative) in your country addressing business related human rights abuses

There are no restrictions for victims to raise issues at a Swedish court. The costs for starting a court procedure is low, Courts can usually apply material low of foreign jurisdictions. The Swedish rule for class action are restrictive compared with e.g. the US system.


2. Does your country apply the forum necessitatis doctrine when there is no other available forum (when otherwise there would be no access to justice)? If so, please provide information on conditions

The internal Swedish procedural legislation does not provide for any general provisions regarding forum necessitatis. This however does not necessarily exclude that a Swedish court could have jurisdiction under the given circumstances. The concept of forum necessitatis could furthermore be applicable in Sweden in specific situations in accordance with provisions in different international instruments that are applicable in Sweden.


3: Provide information on preliminary non-judicial state based mechanisms in your country for seeking remedies for business related abuses

The major non-judicial based mechanism is the National Contact Point according to the OECD Guidelines


4: Provide information about non-state based grievance mechanisms dealing with business-related abuses

Sweden’s National Contact Point (NCP) is a tripartite collaboration between the Government, business organisations and employee organisations. The Ministry for Foreign Affairs chairs the NCP and other ministries are invited to participate. The task of the NCP is to promote and interpret the OECD guidelines for multinational enterprises but also to handle complaints when there seems to be a breach of the guidelines. The NCP has no legal jurisdiction and cannot provide for any sanctions but can negotiate agreements between parties and provide for access to remedy.


5: Does your country provide legal aid to support victims when they are seeking remedies for business related abuses? Provide information on procedures and rights

There is a possibility to receive legal aid according to the Legal Aid Act. All (private individuals, associations, organizations and companies) can get advice under the Legal Aid Act. This means that you pay a fixed fee, which is lower than usual in the counseling. The legal aid is granted only to those who have an annual income of up to 260 000 sek. Legal counseling for a maximum of 100 hours is included. The person who has been granted legal aid should always be responsible for a portion of the cost himself, the amount of that part depends on the income. Legal aid is always a subsidiary of home insurance.


6: How can victims of business related abuses have access to information about their rights?

There is information to be found on the website of information om legal aid on the website of the Swedish courts http://www.domstol.se/Funktioner/English/ and at http://www.rattshjalp.se/Funktioner/English/

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