3.3 Operation of the videoconferencing equipment

Portable equipment

58. Portable equipment (screen + camera + speaker + microphone + accessories) should be usable either in various combinations or in conjunction with a fixed set of equipment.

The equipment should be readily transportable (and hence not necessarily on wheels), easy to move between the different locations and flexible in terms of its use. Consequently, more limitations are expected to apply to the quality of portable equipment than to fixed equipment (e.g. as regards the number of participants who can be filmed clearly at the same time).

59. Portable equipment is suitable for hearing witnesses (e.g. at another country's request), in the event of equipment breakdown, as a temporary supplement to fixed equipment or at special locations such as prison hospitals.

Mobile equipment, however, can be somewhat fragile and difficult to operate as it might entail, for example, time-consuming readjustments of camera positions to match new locations (it is difficult to use preset positions).

Operation of the videoconferencing equipment

60. The operation of the videoconferencing system is most convenient with a touch screen. It is beneficial if operation is as user-friendly (i.e. as simple) as possible, and consists of only a limited number of manoeuvres, for example switching on/off, establishing and terminating the connection and logging on/off.

61. During use, the audiovisual solution should not require the intervention of the operator. If any problems arise, the operator should be able to ring a help desk. It is for the judge to decide whether to terminate a videoconferencing session that has been disrupted in this way.

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